Refresh Thumbnails Easily In Devices

Some people request this to be done by swiping and some request periodic updates. The thumbnails in the Devices section currently aren’t useful for identifying things other than the camera that you’re looking at. If they updated more frequently, people could quickly decide whether or not they want to look at the live stream or if everything’s fine and they don’t need to.



Is it possible to have the cameras pull a still preview for each camera on app launch? Or would that take too long to load? Maybe there could be a button after launch to pull a preview of each camera.


Few suggestions here -

  1. Make the image refresh frequency configurable in the app(5, 10, 30 sec). That way for someone with multiple cameras, they don’t have to keep going into the camera view for each one to know something changed.
  2. Add a second setting option on refresh faster when there is motion change. E.g. default refresh can be configured to 30s or 60s or only refresh once. However if there’s motion, let the image refresh every 2s/5s
  3. When the app opens, please pre connect and pre-auth all the cameras, so clicking each one does not need a 3-5 second wait each time you enter / exit camera view. This will save a lot of pain because today this happens each time you switch cameras.
  4. When in camera view, enable left / right swipe to switch to next camera in the list. Coupled with #3 this will enable users to follow an activity across multiple cameras or monitor multiple cameras quickly. Today this requires a backing out to the list view, then click on next thumbnail, wait 5 sec before you can see the live view.

Take a look at how this has been implemented by Ring. I like that I can open the app and immediately (well after a little delay) see a view (configurable) of all my Ring Cams. I consider this update one of the best feature adds that they have done.


I saw this topic in the beta section but not in Roadmap…

Would like the ability to see more up to date thumbnails on the home screen than just the image the last time the camera was accessed. Maybe a user configurable refresh rate or a refresh every few minutes.


The thumbnails for each camera don’t update until you open each camera. Can you make it so while you have the app actively open, it automatically updates each thumbnail ever 10 or 30 seconds? At least 1 time when you first open the app.


I am going to tack this request on to this one because I believe it fits and could be part of this. In addition to thumbnail refresh, maybe include camera status, such as power on/off, notification on/off, . . . . so we can verify the status of multiple cameras without opening each camera and drilling down. I hope this makes sense.


Definitely this! Exactly what I’m looking for.

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came here to post this, as I looked at 6 outdated thumbnails. either user configurable, or even user event… I just set up a Blink camera for my MIL and they have a little camera icon, you tap, and it updated the image. could be a 1 or all tap…

Would it be possible in the iOS/Android application to automatically refresh the Home view with the latest image(s) captured in the defined interval (e.g. every 3-10 minutes)?

Same for the event view - to see new events I either need to change the filters or switch back and return to a different date.

In event view, you can do a pull-down on the list to refresh it.

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did not know that - Thanks

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I like Wyze cams and like suggesting improvements. There is one feature that is lacking that I am already used to from my other cameras. In the Wyze cam app, I would like to see the preview thumbnails for each camera do more than just save the last captured image. I would like them to update upon launch of the app. To save on bandwidth costs, I would expect Wyze to only allow very low resolution (maybe a lot less than 360p) and the thumbnails to have a very low refresh rate such as one frame per 5 seconds or even less. Live thumbnails are a desirable feature because if you have multiple cameras, having to click on each one of them and then wait for just that one camera to load, can be very tedious. Also, if you want to get a quick glance at what is going on at your ENTIRE property, I cannot imagine having to click on and load a large number of cameras individually one at a time. I did not realize how useful this feature is until I did not have access to it within the Wyze cam ecosystem. This feature could be introduced to the Wyze cam app and then left turned off by default due to the fact that the app would load much slower while attempting to load and authenticate multiple cameras at one time. When a user enables the feature, there could be a warning popup message alerting the user to slower app loading time along with lower resolution thumbnails that load at a slower rate. For me, the lower resolution thumbnails, slower refresh rate, and slower app loading time would be a fair trade off to have such a wonderful feature be added as an option. This might also help Wyze cams be more useful in situations where a bigger than small scale camera system is needed.

Double tap would be excellent to refresh.

I agree double tap or pull to refresh would be better than nothing but it might also to some extent be an annoyance to some people. I would rather that the thumbnail images have some degree of a user configurable auto refresh rate (such as every 5 seconds) as you are looking at them trying to decide which one to fully load. Having to tirelessly double tap or pull down to refresh every time would get old rather quickly. Just my 2 cents on the idea. Also, I want mention that I like how the idea of double tap or pull down to refresh is a wonderful on demand contender. So, maybe couple double tap/pull down to refresh on demand with a user configurable auto refresh rate…then you have found GOLD :grinning:!


I know this is an old thread, but I really hope that Wyze is listening to these requests. I have 10 cameras, and it’s frustrating to have to stream each one to get a current thumbnail to show up. A lot of the time all I want is the thumbnail, but currently it’s so stale as to be useless. (If you’re not going to add a refresh optio, then you might as well remove the thumbnail completely, it my opinion.)

Not sure if this will address your concern, but multi camera live view is in beta testing. Should be coming soon.

It’s coming out today! :smiley:

Edit for Clarity: Simultaneous streaming came out but refreshing the thumbnails is not on the Roadmap yet.


Hmmm…@WyzeGwendolyn…please elaborate, if you can?!


See this: Wyze App 2.2 Launched - Camera grouping and multiple view