Refresh camera stills when opening app

Hi. The wyze v3 cams are great and small. When I open the wyze app on Android, it always shows the still images from the last time I used the app, not the current pictures from the cameras. Is there any way to make this referral automatically? I have to manually tap into each camera to get the current picture now. This seems pretty basic so I presume I’m missing something.
Thanks much!!


Ps I don’t have cam plus

Currently thumbnails are only updated after live view or an event took place. Many users have requested this though, so if you add a vote to this wishlist post it will let Wyze know you want it. Thanks!


You can create a group (+ button in upper left, “Add Device Group”). You still have to call that up like a single camera, but you can have multiple cameras displaying at once there.


Making a Device Group and putting all the cameras in there works great!!

Thank you so much.


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