On Select-Camera page, confused by the photo image that's displayed

In the app on the ‘camera select page’, what controls that still image that I see to select a camera? I have 2 devices connected to the same account and they each display different still images on that page.

The image is some version of the last image(s) displayed from the full camera page . It will be different from one device/account to another… as to how the image itself is selected, I don’t know. Sometimes it appears to be an old image, sometimes the most recent.

When you tap on a camera to display the “Live Stream” screen, a single image [of the running Live Stream] is saved to your phone’s storage in a designated sub-directory … that image [for the associated cam] is subsequently displayed on the Home screen.

And if you go back to view the Live Stream hours later, a new image will be saved and subsequently used.

@tomp @myswtest I just noticed that Android app v2.10.36 no longer updates the camera image. I have traced it to the app creating the new camera image as xxx.png, but the app wants to load xxx.cache !!! Another bug introduced by Wyze’s “development activities”. I am NOT going to waste my time creating a support ticket since I saw first hand what the non-existing support department did with my last ticket about the Wyze app disappearing from the App Store for all non phone devices a few weeks ago.

Have you tried this …
phone → Settings → Apps → Wyze → Force Stop, then Storage → Clear Cache … if that doesnt work, maybe “then Storage → Clear Data” , but be forewarned (if you Clear Data) - you’ll need to log in the next time you fire up the Wyze app.

Yes I did. This removed the old image that was there and replaced it with a pic of a generic Wyze v2 cam when I restarted the app. If you have an Android, check out the files stored in /Wyze/cache/cam/lastimage/ … v2.10.36 is NOT reading the .png file back in … the app wants a .cache file. Also, I notice now that when a camera is “launched”, a 2 sec landscape image appears on the screen of the .cache file.

I noticed the same issue after an update, put in a ticket but never received a response for that issue. Rebooting the phone was the only way I found to update the thumbnail photo. We can hope for a future update to correct this issue that wasn’t one before the update.

Mine is also doing this. If I restart my phone, there is a 50/50 chance it will update the picture.

It appears after yesterday’s update that this function is working again.

Same problem. I have 25 v2 and 2 pans. Thumbnails are not refreshing. Opened a ticket. I had to kill and reload app to have thumbnails updated. Very inconvenient !

Installed older version of the wyze app, no thumbnail refresh issue.

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I didn’t fix it for me. I can’t install a older update because of the lock and scale.

The thumbnails are working for me now, consistently

Good news, mine continue to work after today’s update.

Using latest version 2.10.36 . Thumbnails refresh ONLY after killing and reloading app. Opened ticket, no new response from support yet.

I’m on 2.10.71 and it’s working now.

Thanks! I think you are using beta version ?


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