Phantom Picture

Lately every time when using the app to get a live view through one of my cameras, for a second as the camera loads up it shows me a still picture of what the camera had recorded previously. It never used to do this. So it seems that yet another Wzye firmware update for the app screwed something up!

This is not a bug or mistake, it is intentionally designed this way. This is actually very common in the industry as I have cams from some competitor companies and they do the exact same thing: Display an old thumbnail on the main page where I select the camera, then show the old thumbnail image while I wait for the camera to livestream to the live view.

It’s possible it didn’t used to do this a long time ago, but I don’t recall a time when it didn’t. It’s been doing this as long as I can remember, off the top of my head at least. I have some cameras on some pretty old firmware and they still do this, so I don’t think this is anything recent.

The app purposely stores a recent thumbnail image of what most recently live-streamed on that camera because a visual depiction helps a lot of people to quickly recognize which camera is which, and to me it looks better than a bland blank screen while I wait.

The app will continually update this thumbnail image with a new one after we liveview the camera again later. If we view it at night, then the next time we see the thumbnail it will show us a night time thumbnail later. If we next stream the camera in the daytime then it will update to a daytime thumbnail image.

Don’t worry, it’s not a bug, it’s the way it’s supposed to work :+1:


I understand about displaying a thumbnail, this is not what is happening. When I open the app yes there are thumbnails of the what the camera’s saw last, I know this is normal. What I’m talking about is when go to a live view of a camera, for about a second it shows a still of what had been previously recorded, then it goes to the live view. This never happened before and not normal as it never used to do this a month ago.

My apologies, I must misunderstand then. When I tap on the camera to load the live feed it starts out saying the following to indicate it is trying to load the live-stream (note, I’ve blocked out the background thumbnail which had my toddler daughter’s room while she is sleeping):

  1. Connecting camera by secure channel (1/3)
  2. Authenticating (2/3)
  3. Getting video data (3/3)

All the while it is showing a thumbnail image of the last thing it saw during the previous livestream in the background while it is loading, but as soon as part 3/3 loading message clears it replaces the thumbnail in the background with the live-view.

Do you mean something else? Can you clarify? Like after it finally clears the final loading message is it showing you a different video instead of the livestream for a while? Or are you just talking about the thumbnail image in the background while it is trying to load?

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Right before the camera starts to load the live view it shows a still of the last recorded video, it’s only there about a second and then it either goes right to the live view or the camera continues the loading process.

It does this on all my V3 and V2 cameras, so I know it’s an app issue.

Let me first start with a few pictures to ensure we are on the same page:


So the first image shows my Main page of cameras before I live stream the camera I tapped on the Backyard Camera which will kick off the logon process for lIve streaming. Notice the Image in the next two look just like the image on the main page. This is not a bug, it is actually using the same image until it gets a new stream and stores another thumbnail image. When it completes the logon process you camera will show the live stream as you know and as displayed in the 4th picture.

So what @carverofchoice is saying is correct in that, the cameras need to display something while it is logging on or connecting. Wyze, and other camera manufacturers, utilize the stored thumbnail as a place holder.


Not sure how much clearer I can explain it but let me try one more time. Before I pick a camera to view they all have a thumbnail image. I click the camera and just a second before the video feed loads, there is an image from the last “recorded” video. So for instance one of my cameras keeps showing me an image from yesterday (bird flew in front of the camera), that was the last time it recorded anything. After about a second it shows the live feed. The thumbnail image for that camera doesn’t have the bird in the picture, instead it’s showing the last live view image.

I already knew that as the camera’s load the live view they should show a thumbnail of the last view from the camera. However, what I’m being shown (only for a second), is thumbnail of the last recorded video. Then it changes to current view. Am I making sense?

Can you take snap shots like I did to show what you are saying?

Here is what I understood you to just say:

  1. The Thumbnail shows a sky with no birds
  2. You tap on the camera and the image it showed was one with a bird in it until the camera live streams
  3. Once the camera live streams, the Thumbnail changes to what you just saw
  4. If you stream again, the image of the bird appears? Not sure this is true.

In any event, I would try clearing the App Cache by going to Account>App Settings>Clear Cache. Then Logout out of the app, restart your device and log back into the app. Your Thumbnails will be gone until you live stream. So, Live Stream again and then see if the issue you are experiencing persists. If you cache is corrupted, you could experience weird issues

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  1. The Thumbnail shows a sky with no birds
  2. I tap on the camera and the image shows the same sky with no bird
  3. As the live view feed starts to load, it shows the bird image then quickly goes to the sky image
  4. The bird image always proceeds the actual live view, until the camera records something else, then it will show that for only a second when I try to live view the camera again.

Just cleared out the cache and my thumbnails are still there and the issue is still there.

So you are saying your thumbnails are actually from the Events and not the live stream?

No, the thumbnails are from the last live stream. There is nothing wrong with my thumbnails. The problem happens when I try to live stream. As I keep saying, the first image the camera shows as it starts to load live stream only for a second, is the last recorded image. Then after a second it’s live streaming.

If you cleared your Cache the Thumbnails will disappear. If you are using Android there is a few other steps you can do:

  • Long press the app icon and choose app info
  • Do a Force Stop
  • Go to Storage and Cache
  • Clear the Cache (NOT THE STORAGE)
  • Then restart your device again and see what happens.

The only other option to try is to uninstall the app and then do the install again.

Your Thumbnails not clearing is a concern to me. Stupid question but are you sure you are not on the events tab? The Thumbnails will not disappear on that tab when clearing cache.

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I hear you, I am not experiencing that at all and trying to work through what you are experiencing.

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I’m on an iPhone and there isn’t an option to choose app info when long pressing the app icon. I wasn’t on the Events tab, I was on the Home tab.



This is what I am seeing. The first picture is the thumbnail right now, the next is what I’m shown when I click the thumbnail to get to a live view, the last picture is what finally shows. The second picture is from the last motion recording of that camera a day ago, it shows up only for a second until the live view shows.

I see that all the time, and I think they designed that into the app. For me it seems to show the last motion trigger until the current steam is received. If you think about it, that is the most up-to-date view it received from the camera, so a placeholder to view until the live stream comes up.

To show just a small second recorded clip before showing the live view makes no sense to me. Because why then don’t the Home page thumbnails show a still image of that clip as well? The Live View image is the most up to date view received from the camera and what should be shown on the Home page and Events page. I really doubt this was designed into the app by Wyze, as it never happened to me until around a month ago when the last app update came out. I believe it’s just another Wyze software bug.

If you believe it to be a bug, please submit it in the next Fix-it-Friday for maximum visibility.

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Like that will get it more visibility than the numerous support tickets I submitted.

It will. If others are seeing it they will vote, and Wyze will know it’s a widespread bug.

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