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I am running multiple camera systems (ring, nest, swannview & Wyze) and Wyze is by far my favorite camera product for ease of install, quality and price!!! But, if I could change/ask for one thing it would be for the camera thumbnails in the app to autoplay when the app is opened. I love the cameras, but would prefer to see the live view of the thumbnails instead of having to open each camera separately.

I agree with all of this!

  1. Live thumbnails is Absolutely a very high PRIORITY!
  2. Multi-viewing of 4 live cams minimum with unlimited “page” like that to scroll through for fast viewing is also

I have pre-ordered four V2s today and the listed feature requests above are a MUST. I hope Wyze will get it rolled out next month. They are way overdue.

Ya I ordered 2 more WYZE cans myself, V2 and these will go along with the 8 I have installed.

It’s sad that those two software tweaks are lagging while less critical improvements to the already sufficient audio and video quality are being pursued.

I aporecite the tracking and other new upgrades, but with the old clunking single cam … back and forth navigation still the only way to view 10 and soon 12 cameras, something has to be done ASAP.

I’m a strictly Apple / iOS and MBP user with Phillips Hue, Smart Thermo, HomePod, and on and on … PLEASE fix this one small software issue and my home will be perfect!


I have installed TinyCam Monitor Pro app (Android only I am afraid) and at least the multi-cam feature is available. There are lots of multi-camera page layouts including sequencing. I have the app installed on our Amazon TV devices and the images look great on the big screen. The Wyse cameras are fully supported and you can include other camera makes as well even city traffic cams. I haven’t searched but since it is possible there may be an iOS capable app.

I hope this is in the works!

Any updates on the live thumbnails feature request?

You can go here and vote

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I have been looking into this tiny cam app but can’t figure out how to set up the wyze cams with it is is it hard to do? Do you have to have a computer to program the cameras?

Here is instructions for setting up tiny Cam with your cameras for TV, phone, or tablet

Wyze is awesome. It’s so nice that a company actually listens to their customers. As of the latest update you can now set up groups and view multiple cameras now on the wyze app

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