Animated thumbnails on App HOME

You know the thumbnails that appear on the “home” page of the iOS app? They’re useless imo. The only time they’re actually up-to-date is when you click into the video and navigate back. Terrible experience.

Would love to have live tiny thumbnails, if not live, at lease a thumbnail that auto-updates every few seconds so I don’t have to click on it to see what’s actually happening.

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Great idea! This is defiantly needed.


Great idea!


The ask is simple, have the thumbnails on the default page be live video. It’s painful having to click on each (5) camera to see live video and want to see all video at once, like a real security system.

If this a performance issue, perhaps a unique page to display all videos at once or an option to enable or disable the feature.

@ivanco See my post here on grouping cameras.

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Thanks for sharing, it works great! However it would be nice if I can add my door cam to the group.

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