Wyze App Home Screen Updates

Is there a way to make each of the camera video screens on the home page of the app bigger? Maybe expand each screen fully and put the names of each camera underneath it?

Also, can these screens on the homepage go live when you scroll on to them? This way we don’t have to click on each of the cameras to see what the latest live video is and get a sneak peak on the home page of the app. If you look at the Nest camera app, you’ll know what I mean. The screens on the home screen of the app are all live and bigger.

Thank you.

If you put multiple cameras into groups, then you can view all of them live at the same time (up to four on a page in landscape view).


Worked like a charm Loki! Never knew we had a grouping option like that. Awesome, thank you very much. Still the best camera on the market for its price!