View more than one camera at the same time

Would be great if the home screen of the app showed live views of each camera so that you can watch the activity on all cameras at the same time. Multi-view is a basic function of almost every camera system and should be available with Wyze cameras. For instance, if you’re trying to find where your kids are in the house, you have to click into each camera, wait for it to load and then move to the next until you find them. By the time you find them, they might have already moved to another room. I’m seriously considering going back to using TP-LINK cameras so I can have multi-view functionality again.

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Try the grouping function for your cameras. You will see them in thumbnails. I have a group for my outsides cams and another for the insides ones.

Click the + at the top left of the application and « Add devices groups »


Landscape view


Awesome! thank you. that’s what i needed :slight_smile:


It does, just create a group and include the cameras you want to view and it will show you them live

This is AWESOME!! I had no idea you could do this, thanks!

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How many cameras can you stream at once?

4 in landscape or 3 in portrait for live viewing at the same time. (Photo above).