Wyze Video Doorbell - Thumbnail Issue

The thumbnail for my Wyze VBD always seems to be about 12 hours behind. Well, maybe not 12 hours precisely. But it always shows a nighttime thumbnail during the day, and a daytime one at night.

Honestly, that makes the thumbnail completely useless. Can I set it up to just see the Video Doorbell icon, no thumbnail?

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I have been using the app and my VDB for some time and have yet to find or see any such settings to change the home page thumbnail to something different. However, it isn’t a bad idea. You can suggest that in the #wishlist!

My VDB v1, as well as all my other cams, has always shown a thumbnail of the last loaded live view image. It does not auto update the image thumbnail to a “current” image when I load the app. It will update it to current if I load the live view and then return to the home tab.

Yea, there is already a wishlist item for this, if you vote for it it will get higher priotity. Usually like SlabSlayer said, it refreshes every time you view it. If its not try clearning the app cache in Account > App Settings > Clear. Or try force closing the app.

So… A link to the Wishlist item? I did several searches and came up empty.

Ditto. I don’t see an existing wishlist post. A link would be helpful.

Otherwise, even a recent image would be fairly useless to me, to be honest. I would just prefer a standard icon.

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Thank You!

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