V2 camera is displaying V1 "placeholder kitchen" images instead of thumbnails and 1 other bug

UPDATE: Wyze support has gotten back to me to say that the image of the Kitchen is a placeholder image used for the V1 cameras as they are apparently unable to generate thumbnails. The problem is my cam is a V2. I replied that is is, and she said she’s gonna look into it. They are planning to change the thumbnail to something “less alarming.”


So since I updated to the App v 2.0 (iOS) I’ve been experiencing a couple of bugs, one of which seems to be a SEVERE privacy issue. Occasionally I will get notifications from both my cams (1 v2 and one PTZ) and when I go to watch the video in events, two event videos will show (one from each camera), but the video is the same for each event (from the v2 camera,) This doesn’t happen every time, but it happens at least 50% of the time. More troubling than that is that frequently the thumbnail on the event video is from SOMEONE ELSE’S CAMERA! The thumbnail that shows is always the same one, and it’s clearly not my house because I don’t have curtains. I have attached a screenshot. This is very disturbing. I will be cross-posting this to support and to the reddit thread because this needs to be addressed ASAP. What if images from my cams are showing on other users’ cams? I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, checking for new firmware, and rebooting the cameras. No change. V2 is running firmware PTZ is running firmware

I am seeing the exact image that jpDalamar is seeing.

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What is placeholder kitchen?

It is a placeholder image of a kitchen that they took for the app. It is not from anyone’s Wyze cam.

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Interesting. I have three cameras running the latest firmware and they have thumbnails representing the trigger for each event. My forth camera is running and has the placeholder thumbnail on all events. Sounds like a reason to update and see if this fixes my problem.

Edit: updated my firmware to and now I get thumbnails.

I agree. Wyze should change the image to something much less alarming than an image that makes you think that you’re watching somebody else’s kitchen! I, too, wondered if now the images from my house were able to be cross-shared unintentionally with other users.