Multiple Camera Live Viewing update for app?

Is Wyze working on updating their app to view all cameras live at the same time like their competitors have done? Friends have been asking me if their is a way to do this yet.

I can’t recall 100% but I remember that being mentioned somewhere.

I mean it’s a great feature but for me I’d prefer it as is. Viewing 4 live feeds from and iPhone screen will strain the eyes haha.

First or second quarter of 2019 was the best info WYZE could give. It is close. I have not heard of any other 3 party apps.

they are currently working on it. right now if you want multiple feeds tiny cam pro is your best bet (for now)

left side is the wyze app, right (as obviously marked) is tiny cam pro

I am an iPhone user so don’t see app for me. Can see i cant download on PC either unless linked to an android device.

Toni L. Cusimano

Yes, multi cam view is being worked on. Search for “multi” here: #roadmap.

i see an app called tinycam on the iOS app store. is that the same app as tiny cam pro for android?

No. Google and Amazon only.