Wyze for PC beta version

Hello. I’m not quite sure where I need to place this post so I hope I’m somewhere close. I wanted to express my thanks to Wyze for the PC beta version that allows us to view our camera feed/stream and our events on our browsers. I normally view my cameras either on my TV via tinycam, which worked okay but every week or so I had to reorder my channel numbers and that was very frustrating because I had to ask for assistance to do that due to my disability. I also use my android but again that is something I couldn’t use on my own to view my camera stream live or even my events. But now :slight_smile: I am able to view my camera streams live on my cameras and actually able to go back and view my events find myself which is amazing. I do realize this is the beta version and there are some tweaks that need to be made and I’m sure Wyze employees are all over those. I have a couple of ideas but I’m sure others may have had them before myself, I just want to throw them out there anyway.

-I would love the ability to reorder the cameras on the screen because it seems they come up in a different order than what they are in on my android phone.

  • May be add an option that will allow us to select what time we would like to go back and view an event kind of like what you have set up to allow us to view a specific date.
  • Be able to view the whole camera in one screen without the scrolling bar.
  • Have the ability to select one camera in its own window where we can resize it and place it anywhere on our desktop to view it as we are working.
  • Have the ability to speak through the cameras microphone while live streaming from the PC.

All in all I have been a big fan of Wyze products for several years now and what drew me to this company/brand is the affordability. I feel like those at Wyze listen to their customers and work hard to deliver products we all want at an affordable price. I love the videos on YouTube, the personal ones, I love that they created Wyze cam plus, which allows us to have all those great features with multiple cameras at one reasonable price. I look forward to seeing what else this company comes up with in the future.

Thank you Wyze, Merry Christmas


TinyCam now supports the cameras by name without having to reorder them by device ID. There are a few posts about it.

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