General comments on the Beta app

I know some of this has been mentioned in other posts but I figured I would try to keep it all together.
First off - I think this is an awesome update. there is a lot to like here and like all things there are improvements that could be made (depending on what your particular needs and uses of the system are).
most obvious is the multi-window streaming. this is a fantastic upgrade to the current app in my opinion. Especially since the recent update to fix connectivity issues it is amazingly fast to connect, at least on my platform. IOS and ATT Internet). It only holds connections for the cams that are on screen at the time. Scrolling. requires each cam to reconnect as it comes on screen. an annoyance but minor

Wish List:
-First off I would love to be able to control the cams from the multi windows as we can from the primary window. probably a tall order. A very happy medium would be double tap to jump from a multi-stream window to that cam’s primary stream window.
-The grouping of cams is an excellent idea. I really like the ability to expand the group to see each cams main stream icon individually and then still jump to multi stream by tapping the group name.
Only allowing each cam to be in one group is limiting. I can find a number of scenarios where I want to have one cam belong to overlapping groups i second the already made request for this heartily!
-Stability-overall seems very good for a beta version especially. However I have had a few sudden and not reproduceable crashes. Suddenly I am back at home screen and the app is gone. This has not been a problem with other apps and has happened on Ipad and iphone, so I think it’s in the app.
-Kudos for the ability to control the IR lights and second the already made request for an on/ off button for them on the primary screen.
-Shortcuts- I already made a request to have IFTTT able to to execute the WYZE user created shortcuts, but would also like to see additional actions to turn on motion tracking and pan scan added to the available actions from Wyze
-Really picky stuff-use of the screen real estate. It would be a lot more convenient in the events tab to have the 3 selection dots and the resulting popup selections all pop up on the top of the screen instead of having to move from top to bottom and then left to right (to select delete,select all, delete, then confirm runs all over the screen- hey I said this was really picky!). On an IPad when deleting a lot of false events this is a lot of moving of my already tired digits