2.10 first beta app for iOS (3/18/2020)

Dear iOS users:

Today, we have the first build 2.10 app for you to test. Here are the details.

App version: 2.10.3

Release notes:

  • Adjusted live stream connection logic

  • Improved device setup process

  • Bug fixes

Let me know if you find any issues.



When will it be available in TestFlight I haven’t seen it available yet

Just installed it. Initial live stream seems to connect much quicker. I’ve only used it for a couple minutes but a definite improvement regarding live stream.


Yep I installed a bit ago but I’ve been taking pictures of my smart thermostats wiring for Mike

Just loaded mine up and tried it out. What I’m seeing here is a huge improvement!! I’ll reserve final judgement until after more testing at a more crowded net-traffic time of day, but this its hot!!! Load a group of 3 cams and all are displaying almost without even seeing the connecting & validating icons! Tap on one to view it full screen and it’s just there! Wow!
@WyzeAndy & Team- Good work!!! I will definitely post back tomorrow after more tests at different times.
One crash to report though. Switching from group to group and app just vanished. Prompt to share crash data appeared and I submitted. Went back in and kept on testing with no other issues. Very nice!

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I agree. I had 2 cam groups indoor and outdoor. One had 3 cams and the other 2. After they ran so well I created a new one called “All cams”. All 5 load without the countdown. It’s crazy fast. And all in HD too.

I had 2 crashes.
1st—I just tried to open a group of cameras and kicked me out and got crash report popup.
2nd— I was just starting to move a cam pan and crashed.
EDIT:3rd—went from one to another
But I’m not complaining. So far with little testing. I can say. Well Done.

One feature that would be nice is when in landscape model you could scroll through your cameras.

Love the new app. Keep up the wonderful job!

I have noticed an issue with Camera groups. If I am viewing a group, leave the app, then come back to the app still in the group the display is not actually live. And may take several minutes to become live. And the only indication is the time stamp is not increment it. Then it will usually but not always go live and the cams will update. Same thing happens if you view a group, exit the group and immediately return to the group.

IOS 13.3.3
App 2.10.3
Cameras are

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You’re not on the latest iOS. iOS went back to 13.3.1 a few months ago because of a major bug.


If you do a Google search you will see that for some reason 13.3.3 there was a jailbreak issue that Apple was worried about so they went back to 13.3.1 and they’re working on 13.3.4 that should be out they think in still in this month but I would guess now with Covid it’s been pushed

It was a typo on my part. Here you go:

So now that we have ruled out IOS version as the issue. Any other thoughts.

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By the way there was no iOS 13.3.3. iOS 13.3 was the jailbreak issue. It was fixed by releasing iOS 13.3.1.

Just FYI Apple never goes back to an older version they just go forward to a new point release.

The 13.4 GM (Golden Master) release just came out. The public release is next week.

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Yeah I was a typo I meant 13.2.3. How do you get on the golden master and basically be a beta tester for iOS? I’m a beta tester for three different apps and a couple different hardware.

The easiest way is just pay 99 dollars a year to join the Apple Development Program. That gives you access to all iOS and MacOS betas. To get into Alpha testing is an invite only program but if you are an active developer and participate you will eventually get invited.

I’ve tried mine several times and each time the (3) cams in my group have come back inactive but gone active within 1-2 seconds.
Each time but one when viewing the app from the app switcher screen the cams were all inactive. The one time, one of them was ticking seconds, the other two were still.

I get a mixed bag, at least after some more time. But I almost never get all the cameras in a group to come back. And even solo cameras don’t always come back unless I force close the app. On my wife’s phone using the production version of the app the cameras are rock solid.

The same thing happens to me with app V2.8.24 on Android version 10 device

My wife has the current iOS production app. Off the top of my head I don’t remember the version number. But camera groups and solo cameras on her phone are rock solid. Under a second of delay before live view kicks in.

Our phones are identical iPhone X’s running the same version of iOS. So in all respects other than the app version they are the same. This is definitely an issue with the beta app. Might also be an issue with Android from what you are saying. I also have an iPhone 11 running the current iOS beta and the production App with no issues. I put the beta Wyze app on and immediately saw delays and frozen cameras and connectivity failures.

Got tired of running beta iOS on my daily driver so finally bought a new phone to run it on.

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By the way, let me be clear. The issues are random not constant. Sometimes it connects correctly, sometimes a minimal delay, sometimes a large delay. Also noticed the app crashes a lot. Will make sure I send those crash reports in.