iOS App V1.5.40 released to Beta testing!

Hi folks,
We released our V1.5 iOS app to beta testing.

The changes in iOS V1.5.40 include:

  • Added the prev ‘<’ and next ‘>’ buttons in playback (jumps to prev or next event when recording on events)
  • Added alert video thumbnails
  • Added WiFi signal strength in Device Info
  • Added automation tasks and shortcuts in My Account
  • Added double tap zoom
  • Added ‘show Wyze logo’ toggle
  • Added 360p option for slow internet connection
  • Changed that shared users won’t be able to view shared cameras immediately after share is canceled by main users.
  • Changed that if the camera status is changed by one user, the camera status for all users with access will be updated.
  • Fixed an issue that iOS app will crash for extended use.
  • Fixed an issue that users can’t toggle off all day in the alert schedule
  • UI changes and other bug fixes


  • Most of the V1.5 features need the firmware update to support (Firmware will be released shortly)
  • Firmware downgrade entrance in beta apps is temporarily closed

Known issue:

  • Not able to view live stream with LTE (inconsistent and rare cases, please send app logs to me at if you’re having this issue)
– Added alert video thumbnails
That is nice!

– Added WiFi signal strength in Device Info
Works.  Curious what the lowest number is for reliable operation.  I see it does not very far to come off of 100%

– Added double tap zoom
Very nice!

– Added ‘show Wyze logo’ toggle
It works.  I don't mind the logo being there, but I'm sure there are those that don't want it there.

– Added 360p option for slow internet connection
Should be very handy for low bandwidth users.  Tried all three and the bandwidth went down quite a bit with the low res.  I was watching something that was not moving at all, and could not see any difference in the video.  Then tried it on a different camera that had my two flags flying in the breeze.  The video quality was very obviously worse (as expected).



How does camera alert schedule impact tasks for motion on or off?

Since this update, my notifications window no longer shows the camera name, just the serial number.

Interesting. Not on mine:

Lets see if I can make the whole screen capture show…


Follow up: If I clear the cache, it displays the name for a while. Then back to the numbers.

Great question! So the tasks only turn motion alert on or off. If the motion alert is on, it will send alerts based on the alert schedule you set.

For example, your alert schedule is from 8am to 6pm. If you have a task that turns off motion alert at 12pm, then you won’t get motion alerts at all. Also, if you have another task that turns on motion alert at 6am, it won’t send motion alerts until 8am. Hope it makes sense!

I don’t seem to be getting the previews. I’ve tried clearing the cache. Deleting the app and re-installing it through Test flight but still nothing.

When you say previews are you referring to the thumbnail images for alert videos? If so what version of camera are you using, as well as the firmware version for that camera? Thanks!

I realized that the firmware had to be updated and only new alert videos will have previews. Thanks!

Those are your Mac addresses