Android App V1.5.31 released to Beta testing!

Hi all,
Our Android V1.5 app is released for beta testing!

The changes in V1.5.31 include:

  • Added the prev ‘<’ and next ‘>’ buttons in playback (jumps to prev or next event when recording on events)
  • Added alert video thumbnails
  • Added wifi signal strength in Device Info
  • Added automation tasks and shortcuts in My Account
  • Added double tap zoom
  • Added ‘show Wyze logo’ toggle
  • Added 360p option for slow internet connection
  • Changed that shared users won’t be able to view shared cameras immediately after share is canceled by main users.
  • Changed that if the camera status is changed by one user, the camera status for all users with access will be updated.
  • Fixed a bug that causes ‘Refresh list failed’ error’
  • UI changes and other bug fixes


  • Most of the V1.5 features need the firmware update to support (Firmware will be released shortly)
  • Firmware downgrade entrance in apps is temporarily closed

Known issue:

  • When view alert video, double tapping to zoom will take up the whole page
  • Wrong aspect ratios for some phones (please send app logs to me at if yours is wrong)
  • With hardware decoder on, the user can’t pan/tilt Pan cam by swiping on the image

App 1.5.31 horizontal/landscape mode too stretched out … for Samsung S9/S9+ with 18.5:9 ratio screen …

Feedback sent Not showing full view of camera in, setting motion detection Zone, Live view is ok.

Wyze Ticket 113052


I updated my Wyze Cam v2 firmware to and app to 1.5.31. Here are some observations:

  1. App crashed when I tapped on View Playback and then tapped the Previous arrow. Continues to crash each time I relaunch and tap Previous arrow.
  2. Motion Detection Zone shows a large black rectangle with the actual camera view in the top left corner taking up about 2/3 of the frame.
  3. WiFi signal strength shows 100% even though the camera is a fair distance from my nearest access point (which shows a client signal strength of -80dBm for my Wyze Cam).
Update: I changed my motion detection zone to fit within the 2/3 of the frame that is currently displaying the live view, and now I don't get motion alerts unless there is motion in the top left corner. So even though the picture is displayed on only part of the frame the motion detection zone is correctly applied to the whole frame. In other words, don't change your motion detection zone :)

After selecting one camera and getting back to the cameras menu the Shortcut Pane is always open, even when the arrow points down as it is closed.

The changes in V1.5.31 include: – Added the prev ‘<‘ and next ‘>’ buttons in playback (jumps to prev or next event when recording on events)
Not really a bug I guess, but I feel I need to express my disappointment that this feature does not work if the cam is set to record continuously. Would it really be that hard to have it snap to the date/time of the alert?

Could you send me some screenshots at Thank you

I saw that your ticket is marked as resolved. Are you still having the issue?


Sorry about your issues!

  1. After you did the repro steps, could you send me an app log at
  2. What model is your phone? We'll fix the aspect ratio problem.
  3. The wifi signal strength shows the signal strength every time you click into the camera. It's not constantly updating the number. Are you always getting 100%?

Did you set up any shortcut on your phone? There’s a bug if no shortcut is created, Shortcut section is always open. But not if you have shortcut set up.

It does work on continuous recording, but the loading might take a few seconds if you have hours of continuous footage. It’s certainly more useful on record on events.

motion detection zone shows zoomed in image causing wrong area setup, see pics, watching 2 garage doors, motion detection screen shows only one zoomed in.


Yes ,still having the problem ,I screwed up ,Clicked on wrong thing .

I sent new feedback, Ticket 113463

Screen shots for ya.

If you need any more logs sent let me know



Second Ticket 113512

Using the < and > arrows in view playback mode jumps several motion events.

For example viewing now (~12:10PM) and hitting ‘<’ takes me to 12:00PM. A second ‘<’ goes to 8:00 AM, and a final ‘<’ goes to 20:00 from the previous evening, and will go no further.

Does this though there are several events listed in the notifications pane. ]

Screenshots attached.


I haven’t tried going backwards But going forward Worked just fine for me

  1. I rebooted my phone and relaunched the Wyze app, now I can't reproduce the issue. I forwarded the original logs in case you want to take a look.
  2. Motorola Moto G4 32GB, Android 7.0
  3. I checked several times and it was 100% each time. Is that based on a dBm threshold or some other link quality metric? I understand if it's primarily meant to reassure users that they have adequate signal strength for maximum reliability, but I would rather know the actual signal strength. I'll walk farther out with my camera on battery and see if I can get a different signal number.

I like the Thumbnails On the clips ,But to be honest Something indicating Which clips have not been viewed would be more desirable to me .

Edit: Are there any future plans for this?

Hey sorry for the confusion! It is not currently comparing notification times to the playback times. This feature is meant more for those using Record on Event rather than continuous recording. Record on event videos can be as short a 1 minute so in the past they have been difficult to navigate between.

Expect behavior when on record on event this should be:
1.If the video is more than 5 seconds into an event and you tap backwards, it will reset to the beginning of the event.
2.If the video is less than 5 seconds into an event and you tap backwards, it will skip to the beginning of the next oldest event.
3.If you tap the forward button at any point during an event time, it will skip you to the beginning of the next newest event.

I need to double check on behavior for continuous recording, but I believe it snaps to a default time, and then +/- 12 hours from that point, or to the beginning or end of the available footage. I hope this helps!