Android App V1.5.74 released to Beta testing!

Hi folks,

We released Android app 1.5.74 to beta testing.
The changes include:

  • Fixed that clear cache doesn’t clear alert video thumbnails
  • Added that photos are saved on SD card besides device album (Need beta firmware)
  • Fixed that app crashes if Wyze app doesn’t have storage access
  • Fixed a bug that caused the delayed notifications.

V2 Beta firmware - We have some reports on green tint after the firmware upgrade so we temporarily took it down. We’re fixing the issue now, and the goal is to release another beta firmware tomorrow or Thursday addressing this issue.


I have the delayed notifications problem. Notifications on my phone come in 2-3 minutes after motion detected, even if I am on the same wifi connection as the Wyzecam v2. What is the method to get access to the beta?


Since purchasing my 6 v2 cameras, I’ve always experienced audio that lags 1-2 seconds behind the video. This is true of live stream or playback from the SD card. Same behavior on all 6 cameras.

I keep hoping this will be fixed with updates but never has been. Is this a known issue and will it be resolved?

Thanks, love the Wyze Cams.


3 Minutes is pretty quick, Some I don’t get for 10 minutes 30 minutes even hour after