V1 beta firmware released –

Hi, we just released v1 beta firmware V3.9.3.28 which fixed the ‘faulty alert every 5 minutes’ issue for v1 devices. Please upgrade and take a test again. Thank you!

I am sorry, but I do not see the link to the zip file to download. Can you point me in the right direction?

You should be able to install from within the app. Select the camera and you should get prompted.

Uploaded the link. I agree with Zarthan that the best way is to install from the beta app. Thanks!

I thought I was in your beta test program, but I am not getting the beta app directly to my Wzyecam app. I manually updated the firmware to last week with the zip file. By the way, I am not getting the 5 minute alerts like other were getting.

No longer getting alerts since upgrading to new firmware. Currently on Android 8.1 & running Wyze beta app. Alerts worked fine on previous firmware.

Hi, can you please take a firmware log and send it to me (tyuan@wyzecam.com)? We will take a look at why. Thanks!

instruction to collect log: https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/instruction-to-collect-app-log-andor-camera-log/

The bug only happens when you upgrade your firmware. That is why you didn’t hit the issue. Thanks!

I sent email with firmware log attached. Hope someone can find out what the problem is.

Thanks in advance.

Connections have been stable for the last 3 firmwares.

Alerts not working; I receive no alert until I open the app and then I will receive 1 alert from some earlier time. Sometimes this is 2-3 minutes earlier sometimes this is several hours earlier.

Saw it. Will pass to our devs. Thanks!