v1 Firmware issues

Hi, we just released v1 beta firmware V3.9.3.28 which fixed the ‘faulty alert every 5 minutes’ issue for v1 devices. Please use this thread to track issues. Thanks!

Just reported this in the release thread.

Connections are working still (3 firmwares straight)

Alerts are only coming in when I open the app. Then I receive one alert for anywhere from 2-3 minutes earlier to several hours earlier. No other alerts beyond that.


Android 8.1, Google Pixel (original)



Ever since the latest firmware upgrade, whenever I connect to a camera that’s not on the same network, it skips 3 seconds per frame instead of playing smoothly.

Hi, does it only happens after you updated the firmware? What you described sounds like an app side issue. I will be a little surprised if that only happens after the firmware update. Do you have only one Wyze Cam? If you have more than one, do you receive ‘late’ notifications for all of your cameras?

I check my cameras quite often from work so I know it definitely wasn’t like this before.

It seems that since I’ve installed the latest firmware, the notifications on both cameras no longer work at all. I tried clearing both app cache and data and still nothing. Next I deleted the camera anda tried re-adding from scratch and still nothing. My last notification that appears in the app was just before I upgraded to the new firmware.

Seems after bumping up the sensitivity to medium on the beta app and I started to get notifications…

I only have one right now and no it isn’t just after the firmware updates it is at all times. If I was a betting man I’d say it is more likely related to the app than the camera firmware.

This could be coincidental. Based on my knowledge, notification is app, push notification service and cloud issue. It should not be affected by firmware settings. You can possibly re-receive notifications from reopening Wyze app or reinstalling your Wyze app. Anyhow, it is an issue for our feature. We are testing using another push notification system. Once we feel good about it, we will push to Beta.

iOS and Android are separate. Apple provides its own notification system. For Android, we need to choose a push notification system. Apple is more stable than the our Android notification provider. We are in the process of switching to Google notification service. It is a big change which is being tested now.

We only use streaming service from ThroughTek, not for notification or anything else.

I’m not getting system alert notifications during my alerts schedule either. The videos come down but there is no alert even though I have push notifications turned on.

I’m running Android 8.0 and v1.2.76 beta Android app as well as firmware on a Samsung S8 phone on Sprint.

Other bug I noticed is you can’t manually delete a downloaded clip in Notifications page, when hitting the Delete button after viewing said video clip. You have to click on the top left corner button (Edit) and than select the video you want to delete.

Got it. We will look at it in a few days.

This could be firmware related.

I need to ask a favor. Do any of you have more than 1 WyzeCam? If you do, can you revert one camera’s firmware back to or older? When you see the ‘choppy frame’ issue please try to connect to both camera with different firmware. I am very curious if they both have the same issue.

Thanks in advance!

For the notification issue, I suggest for 3 tries.

  1. log out and log back into Wyze
  2. Turn off 'battery optimization' for Wyze app if the setting is on
  3. Reinstall the app
They are all workarounds for a temporary solution. We are testing to switch to a new push notification system. We will put more focus on the new system and provide workaround for temporary difficulties.

For the delete issue, it is a refresh problem. If you scroll down from the top, it should disappear. We fixed the issue in V1.3 which will be on beta soon.

Do you mean I have a camera that I haven’t put on the last 2 betas so it’s still at and now that I’m checking it it still has the choppy frame rate issue as well.

I thought you were on for your cameras due to this thread name. :slight_smile: This issue sounds like a firmware issue. I want to figure out when it got introduced. Now we know it is not between and

If you can revert back to that we can compare the difference. That would be greatly appreciated. We changed API version from between and That could be the suspect.

3 of my cameras are on, but when I saw that .26 had notification issues I didn’t want to upgrade the 4th as I use notifications all the time on it.


How do I downgrade the firmware and where would I find the file for

Here is the link to manually flash firmware.


Motion detection issue…

I initially have the motion detection not reporting issue. After I change the sensitivity to high than back to medium, it starts working fine.

The WiFi connection also appears to be better. I use to get the wifi disconnected randomly every couple days and with the new firmware, it been hold since monday.

So it looks like your hunch was correct. I downgraded one of my cameras to and there is no longer the “choppy frame” issue when connecting to it remotely.