Android App V1.4.43 released to Beta testing!

Hi folks,
Hope you’re having a great night so far! We just released our Beta app Android V1.4.43. Happy testing!

The changes in Beta Android V1.4.43 include:

  • Fixed a bug that camera settings weren’t saved correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused an empty alert video list
  • Fixed an issue that caused refresh list error
  • Other bug fixes

Loaded this latest beta v1.4.43 a few days ago, overall, much improved over old version whereas View Playback had trouble accessing the timeline videos. However, the refresh list error (no cameras shown in the app) is still happening now and then when launching the Wize app. Relaunching the app usually displays the cameras just fine …

Where do we download the beta software from? I’ve searched but cannot find it…Thanks


Had this happen once today, no micro sd card installed in camera using 1.4.43

Killed the app and it was all good

Was having the ’ Operation Failed ’ error on my Android Moto G4 running Android 7 when trying to change settings such as Motion Detection, etc.

Became a Beta Tester and installed the latest Beta version of Wyse Cam.

So far with limited tested, things are working much better, no ‘Operation Failed’ errors on two different Pan/Scan Cameras that were failing constantly just before the beta update.

As stated in above post most of the issues I was having were cleared up in V1.4.43 Beta on my Android Moto G4 running Android 7.

One thing that appears to now be broken is Motion Detection Alerts. I can see a Pan/Scan Camera detecting motion, following motion and does record it to sd card if 'Local recording to micro SD Card" is turned on.

If I turn off Local Recording to micro SD Card it indeed no longer records to sd card but it also does not send a Motion Alert when motion is detected.

If I turn on ‘Sound detection’ under Alert Settings where Motion detection is already turned on and the camera detects sound it sends a Sound Alert and I can download and play back that Alert and corresponding video.

Not sure when Motion Alerts broke since I did not have an sd card in any of my cameras before installing V1.4.43 Beta but rather upgraded the Android App and then installed and formatted the sd card in my cameras. I simply don’t know if it is the Beta App or something going on with the cameras after an sd card is installed.

All four of my Pan/Scan cameras are updated to the latest firmware and all four appear to no longer send Motion Alerts.

EDIT: Update, I removed the sd card from one of my cameras and did a factory reset. Removed the camera from devices and then added it back. There is no sd card in the camera and it still will not send Motion Alerts so it is looking like V1.4.43 may have broken them.

EDIT: Update, Motion Detection Alerts seem to be working again this morning. The only thing I recall doing different was power down my phone and then power it back up last night.

EDIT: Update, Motion Detection Alerts had quit working again on one of the cameras and when I looked at Local recording to micro SD card it was set to On. It was set to Off the last time I had looked at it. Not sure what toggled it back on. Have noticed the same on other cameras as well so something seems amiss in that area. What is strange is I had not noticed any problems with Motion Detection Alerts before I installed micro sd cards in the four cameras so I plan to remove the sd cards and see how things progress from there in regard to Motion Detection Alerts. Unfortunately I had upgraded to V1.4.43 Beta at the same time so that could have bearing as well.

EDIT: Update, found the solution to my Motion Detection Alerts on this forum at this link

I had the motion sensitivity set too low. Ran it up to close to 100 and now all four of the Pan/Scan cameras send motion alerts. Can’t explain why they would record just fine to a sd card on lower settings but would not send alerts when sd card recording was off. Go figure.