2.39 App Release Candidate Beta Test 2/2/2023


  • Android: 2.39.0.b176
  • iOS: 2.39.0(16)

What’s New:

  • Added a Request Dispatch icon on the live stream for Wyze Cam v2, v3, Pan, and Pan v2 that Cam Protect subscribers can use
  • Optimized camera groups
  • Fixed a Wyze Cam Pan v3 aspect ratio bug for some models of Samsung phones (Android)
  • Fixed a bug that continued to show the camera name when loading grouped camera live streams with that setting turned off (iOS)
  • Bug fixes

Installed the iOS version without issues. Basic testing did not yield any issues. Will do more extensive testing later.

Still waiting for the Android App to become available


Just updated the Android App. Things seem to be working well.


Updated both iOS and Android. Quick test showed no issues. Curious what the “Optimized camera groups” is.


Still will not load all cameras in a larger group (Android). The limit was 10 in the last beta, now it is 12. But the additional 2 may be because I now have two OG cams that I did not have before.

What I had noticed when this was first introduced in the last beta was that the cams seemed to connect faster, and they didn’t have to continually reconnect as you scrolled up and down through the group. Tested only with Android.

My largest group right now is 9 cameras, so I added ever other camera that is not in some other group. That made it 15 cameras. Only 11 would load, but if I selected each of the other four, they would load, and then if I exited that camera (back to the group) they would continue to display in real time.
I also noticed what you pointed out that I did not have to reconnect if changing which group of four were displayed.
Also testing that on Android.

And if you close the app, you will have to repeat the process the next time you open it. That’s what I had noticed in the previous beta at least. I had reported this with the last beta and was hoping it would have been fixed with this one.

Updating on IOS, will edit when completed


Update was successful, no issues as of now

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Looks like this app fixes the weird transparent header in camera groups as well as making landscape groups not have the header anymore.

This was fixed fast!


I installed Beta 2.39.0 (16) on iOS as soon as it was available. I must admit that I am impressed with Wyze, quick response to interface fix of group view in landscape. Bravo Wyze. Also, looks like the app loads camera views faster than previous versions. So far so good. I’ll keep on using the app and I’ll come back if I see anything wanky.

Good job Wyze!

UPDATE: Not sure if this is app or server related, but I get notifications 3 minutes after the event occurs.


Experiencing near constant app crashing. Navigation and scrolling really makes the app glitch out and stop responding.

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I am not experiencing any crashing. Have been testing on the following:

Android Devices

  • Pixel 7 pro
  • Samsung Z-Flip
  • ONN Tablet

iOS Devices

  • iPhone Xs
  • iPad Pro

Have you tried the basics of Clearing Cache, Logging out, restarting the Device and then Logging back in?


Uninstalling the App and then installing it again after restarting your Device.?

Not experiencing any crashing either, in fact the app seems pretty snappy, especially group views

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Where can I download the app package on my Windows machine? I would like to try running in on Windows 11 Pro. Thanks much! Ken

You can’t. Despite massive number of requests, Wyze has never made an app for anything other than phones / tablets. The closest you can get is an emulator for a computer that lets it run phone apps. Bluestacks is the one I have heard of - never used.

Providing this link, but I don’t take any responsibility for what is on the site or the packages being provided

You searched for wyze - APKMirror

Also, to install APK’s on Windows 11, search for how to install an APK on Windows 11, there will be a process to follow

I have read where some were successful in getting it installed and working.

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I have to report another bug in iOS 16.2. The app feedback/video sharing with Wyze about AI mishaps doesn’t work. There is double screen that gets cut off hiding almost half the screen.

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I’m not seeing this on mine, can you send a video of it popping up?

I just tried to take a video and it’s working fine. Must’ve been some sort of a glitch. I’ll keep an eye and see if it happens again. I don’t usually get to many false negatives and I’m okay with it.