2.16+ Android app beta test 1/5/2021




  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when entering camera groups

Thanks for the quick fix!

Grouped cams are working again. Thank you for the fast update!

Group cameras are working. Thanks for the quick fix.

Is there any way to force the update since the Android Play Store still shows v2.16.52 as latest version available to me.

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Oddly, I am still on version 2.16.23 on Samsung Note10+ and there is no update in the Play Store?

Am I overlooking something?

Thank you

@WyzeAndy @WyzeGwendolyn Please help me to understand the release process for beta software. v2.16.52 was released and installed on my Android phone on 5 January, breaking the ability to enter or view camera groups. Later that same day, Wyze releases v2.16.53 to address the issue, but it is only available to some users – as of early afternoon today, the Google Play Store still showed v2.16.52 as the latest available software for me even though the critical update was available to others 3 days ago! Just a few minutes ago, I was FINALLY able to download the update, restoring functionality to accessing nine cameras.

While I can appreciate releasing beta software in batches, critical patches to restore crippled devices need to be made available immediately to all affected devices. If they cannot be provided via the respective app store, an alternative download site should be made available for these emergency situations.

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I found my issue… I somehow (and maybe by my own hand, but don’t remember unenrolling) was no longer enrolled in the beta testing group for android.

Added myself back and refreshed the play store and the beta version is now available.

I have a camera on CamPlus thats only sending me notifications about 10% (maybe less) of the time.

Its set to notify for people only. Event recordings are happening and are properly tagged, its just not sending a notifications consistently.

Im not sure if its app related or cloud related, but the issue is recent so Im posting it here.

Ticket 97222 - mac address of V3 cam is in the ticket.

I just reinstalled production app on an ipad and set alexa to notify for people to get some more data.

Edit: Alexa is receiving the proper data - it is announcing people when detected by this camera but app (beta android, production android, and production ios) is not receiving notifications. So not a beta issue, but still an issue.

I am running Android app Beta Version 2.16.53. There are 2 items which are recurring on my phone (Pixel 5):

  1. When I click on the Events Menu, the green circling indicator never goes away until I actually touch the event screen and start to move up or down to see events. otherwise it continues to spin.

  2. on 3 occasions now, my Motion and Contact Groups all go offline. When I click on the groups, all of the sensors appear offline. the only way I found to correct this is to restart the V2 Camera the Sense Bridge is connected to. Once I do that and then refresh, all of the sensors show connected.

Other than that, so far Everything seems to be working well.

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