New update crashes app

Not sure if the team is aware but the 2.16.52 beta update from today crashes as soon as you try to see the cam group.


Same here

Theres a newer update that was pushed late last night that resolves this.

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I have the same problem.

If you have apps set to auto update, this may not have since it was released so quickly, so you may have to manually go and update the app, but the fix is there.

@joedel263, how to manually update? I go to play store on android, the option is only uninstall or open. I am on 2.16.52.

Android 2.16.53 is the latest (and contains the fix)

Try this link:

I clicked on the link, and still shows the same. I am a beta tester.

Same scenario here. No update available – currently stuck on v2.16.52. Again, is there any way to force update?

there’s no way to “force” an update on android.

Sometimes the play store won’t show the latest update on the my apps screen (and then show you a cached version of the apps page) if it’s been previously recently updated.

The link I shared above should have forced a refresh to show the latest version.

If it’s still not showing .53 it could be any number of things.
It could be set to only show to x number of users, could be set to show for only certain devices/versions of android.

If you are still not able to update it, submit a log in the app and post the log number here (also tag the mods (type @ mods in the message without the space) and they can run it up the chain.

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