Life is Good in Betaland

Very frustrated and disappointed since receiving and setting up my 3 cams.

LOVED ease of set up, resolution, apps (both android and ios) but HATED the way Alerts were (NOT) functioning.

After spending many hours attempting to “force” it to work (removing/reinstalling apps, cams), reading through forum posts and suggested “fixes” - was just about to give up and wait for a magic fix to come across the wires.

Last ditch effort, signed up for beta, waited a day or so for it to drop and VOILA!!!

IT WORKS!!! and not only that but the MOTION ZONE is customizable.

Now if it will show up for ios and my second android phone my smile will be permanent.

Congrats Wyze techs and support and thanks for the Forum.

My experience being in the Beta is that there are many more advantages than disadvantages.

Having seen some Microsoft Win 10 feature updates that were forced and wasted many hours of my time, I can appreciate that Wyze wants to do all they can to make sure that the features won’t break things. With Android there are many more device types and versions than their are for the iPhone.

So, if you want notifications to work, and to help verify that the new App won’t break other things, please join the Beta. It will give Wyze more confidence to release the App to general availability.

Glad to hear everything is working for you! Please let me know if you do have any other issues.