How to Join our Beta program (Updated)

Hi everyone! Thank you for your interest in joining our Beta program, we have updated how signing up for the Beta program works. The Beta program is for App updates and Firmware updates.

How to Join:

Follow this link and fill out the form! For iOS users please expect a reply within a week of submitting.

Giving Feedback:

Right now the best places to give us beta feedback are either in this forum or on Facebook in the “WyzeCam Core Users” or “Wyze Cam v2 Ongoing Feedback Group” closed groups. Please feel welcome to request joining these groups!

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Will there be issues running the standard app on my iPad and the beta app on my android phone?

Not at all, I have a mad jumble of one android on Beta, one on Alpha, and then an iOS device on normal release. Should not be any issue!

Thanks, I was concerned about the slide sensitivity adjustment, the slide on android beta versus the low, med, high setting on the standard IOS app conflicting.
Which brings me to another question, Having the sensitivity setting different on separate devices, would that conflict with each other?

From the behavior I have seen on mine it will default to the closest setting on 1.2 that the slider is set to. The sensitivity setting is firmware side however, so the app itself will not override what you have done, just gives you the ability to have more control on the 1.3 version. Wont have to worry about the slider vs low-med-high setting for long however!

Notifications are still being sent when an object (car) is outside of the selected detection zone. Every time a bus or truck comes down the street it is marked as a Motion Alert.

Just realized I was in the wrong thread. No way for me to delete it now. Sorry.

No worries! Please try toggling the ‘full screen’ option on and off, then resize to your defined area. Let me know if this does not correct the issue.

Seems to have done the trick. Thanks.

I had a similar problem, but I assumed Wyze was seeing the motion of the truck’s shadow. So I adjusted the zone inward a bit and that fixed it for me.

Have you guys considered a method of recognizing shadows, and perhaps also light reflections, and ignoring those when it comes to motion zones? I’ve seen video motion detection get annoying before because of both of those.

Edit: BillyCrook, after reading your other posts, you are probably aware of all that I wrote below, and perhaps even know of some other more efficient algorithms for detecting shadows and reflection. At any rate, welcome to the forum, it looks like you have some good input.

–original post follows–

Read (or at least scan) this:

A raspberry pi 3 with 4 cores running 1.2 GHz and 1 GB RAM can process .9 frames per second.

So expecting the Wyze v2 1 core 1 GHz processor with 128MB RAM to be able to do much recognition is very optimistic. Especially when it may already be overloaded, based on some other posts about delays and image tearing. Perhaps if RTSP ever becomes available, you may be able to send the video to a local PC with a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and do some processing there.

I am just trying reset your expectations a bit.

Our brains are great at pattern matching, so it is natural to assume it must be simple for a computer.

Here’s another link you may find interesting:

I haven’t written CV software myself yet, and I understand that the constraints are not just tight, but crazy tight in WyzeCam. I wonder though, if motion sensitivity could be made to exclude areas of motion that are lighter than 95% of the rest of the frame, and darker than 95% of the rest of the frame. Perhaps the thresholds could be user adjustable. That should help reduce shadows and reflections without having to get in to image pattern recognition on the device itself.

In one of my projects I have a Nest camera pointed at railroad tracks, and I want motion detected when a train goes across them. You’d think it’d be easy to spot a giant train without a bunch of false positives. But at night, particularly after rain, the tracks reflect light from cars in the distance. The reflections ‘move’ with the cars. This wouldn’t trip up PIR motion sensing, but video-based shits the bed. Similarly in the early morning, cars cast shadows that extent onto the tracks and cause motion alerts. I can’t go on RR property. But I am very close to installing a pair of lasers and receivers on one side, and a mirror on the other to calculate the direction and speed, and do away with motion detection on the Nest.

A really perfect shadow-ignoring algorithm could take into account the gps location of the camera (which I doubt wyze includes a gps chip, so it would need to be recorded by the phone during setup), its angle, and time of day to know on what axis to expect symmetry. And then it could be really certain a dark object in the picture was a shadow and not a black cat.

Though dealing with shadows and reflections that change throughout the day could rightly be put off until the day comes when a version is actually intended for use outdoors… :-p

Are you no longer accepting beta testers? I took the required survey at least a month ago and have not gotten any reply. Just tried to take the survey again and it would not let me because I already took it.

We are! Could you please open a ticket with us Here and let me know the ticket number you are given? I will be happy to get you taken care of but I will need to ask some personal information. Thanks!

Support Ticket #56634

Are you still accepting beta testers? I completed the survey, but have not heard back yet. It’s only been a week, but wanted to check if this is still open. Thanks!

Jeff, yes they are accepting new beta testers, but they are badly backed up (see the previous posts before yours).

I’m still not in yet.


Hey again! I picked up your ticket but never got a reply. I will try sending it again here in a moment!

We are still accepting new Beta users. I process applications at least once a week, if have not heard back yet please open a support ticket with your Apple ID, as well as first and last name and let me know the ticket number so I can gather information and check out why you did not get the invite!


Edit: Changed some wording for clarity

I never saw it unless it went in the spam folder and I missed it when I looked in their. Just to be sure:

jim at k6ccc dot org (in proper format of course)…