Just discovered Wyze products looking for information

Hello all,

I just discovered the Wyze camera line and have been looking for the right system for my home. First off, is there a website or video that gives a good review of the products and how they can be used? I am interested in how they integrate into my home wifi system especially and then I would like to know if there is a way to access the stored pictures or video from the SD card to my Windows laptop. I also see that there is a lot of discussion about the PC integration and lack of a browser app for viewing live streams. I’m surprised to see that this issue has not been resolve by Wyze. Anyway, thanks for any other information on where to get acquainted with Wyze products.

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There are a bunch of videos. Those from Wyze can be found on their main site, https://Wyzecam.com or their Facebook group and I believe they have a YouTube channel but I honestly can’t remember.

At this time there is no official browser based solution for streaming the video but there is an RTSP firmware floating around, using that most PC and Mac software works just fine. Or you could use an emulator like Bluestacks to run the Wyze app on your PC.

And of course there are lots of fellow users like me on these forums, Facebook, and even Reddit where you can get opinions and experiences from.

As far as accessing the stored SD card video on a PC the best way is to take the SD card out of the camera and read it directly on your PC. There is currently no way to access the SD card over your network but there is a #wishlist item for it so that may be a possibility soon.

Thank you for the information and sorry for the long delay in responding as I did not receive any email notices of your reply. I am not familiar with the RTSP firmware but I saw a video on it on YouTube that I can watch. I will look further into the Wyze website videos. Thanks again for your time and information.

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I use Memu Play. It allows me to run my Android apps on the pc.

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That does work, but still won’t let you directly access the files. It does let you access the card via the app but that’s very different. But a nice way to view your camera on your PC. :grinning:

It would be really nice if I could send the stored video files to my laptop via a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Hint, hint admin. :wink:

Well, I discovered that the video and snapshot files are stored in a way that I can copy them to my laptop via bluetooth. Now, if Wyze would only make an app for the PC and iOS.

There is a Wyze app for iOS. I use it daily.

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How are you doing that exactly?

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Did you by chance mean MacOS? iOS is what runs on iPhones etc, MacOS runs on Macintosh Computers.