Will the Wyze cams be viewable on PC?

Just curious, will Wyze cams ever be viewable on the PC or webpage?


I really like this cam and want to get more, but I need to access them via my PC.


Thank you very much.

Yep, me too…

I have not heard back on this.


Please let me know one way or another.

You can install the Bluestacks Android emulator on Windows 10 and then install the Wyzecam app in that.

The app shows on screen as if viewed on a phone

You can view video but I am not sure about all configuration options.

Thank you, but that’s a work around that uses allot of PC resources.

I’m hoping to either use a browser or the app I use is IP Camera Viewer.

I’m sure many besides myself would be willing to pay a subscription fee to have a feature rich web-based option available. I can’t imagine that Wyze would not look into this in the near future. Can anyone from Wyze comment if this is something being worked on?

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I would be willing to pay as well if the subscription is low enough as I will need 4 more cameras to replace the ones I have now.

Hi folks @Wyze.

I bought one of your cameras on a whim and really like it.

However, without some clarity on your plans for making the content from cameras more accessible to your customers, I will not be purchasing any more and will likely stop using the one I have.

The IFTTT integration is a good start, but needs the ability to push the video or photos to other endpoints.

A public API that lets you interact directly with Wyze servers would be best.

Nothing is free, I would certainly be willing to pay a (small) subscription fee to cover the additional compute and bandwidth costs.



It would be nice to get some input from Wyze themselves.

That’s what I meant to ask, seems @wyze is an abandoned account lol.

I’m just hoping that if they are going to give us more freedom they don’t just say SOON. Sonos said SOON about returning access to audible and that took 2 years.

Thanks for the tip, Robert. Sounds like a good tool to have.

Has anyone from Wyze looked at this?

It’s been a few weeks. Has Wyze looked at this?