Pc integrating and program for PC use

I would love for there to be a way for me to use my windows laptop or Computer to access my wyze camera and be able to control it via my comper or laptop and being able to have it save to my computer harddrive or an external hard drive on my pc


I second that! I can not believe I still have to use bluestacks to be able to see my camera feed inside. Yeah works great on phone or tablet but I have a second cheap computer setup just for the cameras and bluestacks loses connection and bugs out all the time so I am constantly having to restart the program to just to see the feed. This is the only reason I have not gotten more products from WYZE. This is quite the let down and figured by now they would have their own or at least a 3rd party program for pcs by now.

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I was looking online and there was a reply saying they were working on it in July of 2020 I believe. I have several camera’s at the office and when I’m working from home, it’d be nice to be able to see them on my PC instead of having to pull the phone out.
PLEASE do this Wyze!

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