Watching Wyzecam from Laptop

I installed the Wyze app from the Google Playstore, on my laptop, by using the Bluestacks android emulator. It works great.

i wish we can have the laptop app/software, but until then. This will do.


I did that too. It works great. Just remember it’s not officially supported.

A great option. I’ve had no issues with it. I rather see Wyse focus on grid motion detection, etc than a desktop app.

I could see people wanting the desktop application for real-time monitoring via monitor or TV. That is unless you have an Apple TV haha. I am more interested in a Roku app.

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I think I’m the lowest common denominator here - just beginning but wan’t to be able to monitor a camera in the church on a laptop. I have installed Buestacks on the PC but how do I get to the Wyze account and camera? Thanks.