Can I Use WyzeCam with desktop?

Can I download Wyze app to use WyzeCam with desktop?



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Right now, there is no web interface for Wyze Cam. The Wyze Cam can only be used with the Wyze app on a smartphone device (iOS or Android). You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website or follow the Wyze Cam Facebook page to get updates as new features are added to the Wyze Cam.

There is no desktop app for Wyze Cam. However, you can install an Android emulator program on your desktop computer and run the Wyze app within that.

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Will not work with BlueStacks.

In a sense, yes. I have confirmed that the app does work with the MEMU Android emulator. You can even use the speaker on the camera using the emulator.

I am also able to view/use my 2 cams via the WYZE app on MEMU. THIS IS GREAT!!
Most of the settings seem to work okay but the push/alert notifications on my Samsung J7 seem to go to Tools/My Files/videos/wyzecam number and not to my email address as I am hoping for.
Plus my third cam is on the blink after I installed a sd card in it. I will post that problem on another thread.
I am a lot happier overall.


Not true. It works great with Blue Stacks. If you still need help please contact me.

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Desktop would be awesome!

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For Bluestacks to work for me I had to side load the wyze apk


I am runnning the WYZE app from Bluestacks on my laptop. If there is a problem, I am not aware .