Can the video stream be accessed on a desktop?

While using BlueStacks to install the Wyze app on a desktop is one solution, will direct desktop access be possible anytime soon, if it isn’t already?

Desktop support is something the team is looking into for sure! We don’t have any further information at this time but yes currently there is no way to view the WyzeCam feeds through a desktop. (Other than emulators as you mentioned above, but those are not official methods.)

Let me us know when that feature becomes available. I’ve seen the quality (from my brothers camera) and will most likely need to get at least 6 of them.

I wonder if there has been any movement in this topic since January. For me, desktop access to the live streams would be a very valued additional feature.

So far the two best options are:

  1. Run either the Wyze app or Tinycam Monitor Pro inside the Bluestacks Android emulator on a PC.
  2. Run Tinycam Monitor Pro on a dedicated Android device (Fire tablet, old Android phone, etc) and access the built-in web interface from a PC.
I know a web-based app is pretty high on the feature request list, but no idea where the Wyze team stands on implementation.

Appreciate the info - thanks!

Just got set up with the Wyzecam today. I bought it to see how it worked, and see if it could be adapted to a variety of roles around the home and office. I’m happy with the cost and quality of images, but agree that lack of access through a PC is a significant issue that prevents this from being the full featured solution that I’m looking for. Will continue to explore other options.