Wyze says it's on laptop; Wyze lies

"Wyze claims it’s “installed” on my laptop, but the list ONLY shows my smart phone (where it IS installed). Really need it on my laptop too – Yes, I went thru all of my laptop apps and unless it’s called something other than Wyze - it is not there
This is a Lenovo Idea Pad Flex laptop
I’ve just stressed myself to crazy levels trying to reach customer service. Gone the way of the dinosaurs

Where does Wyze say it is installed on your laptop? There is no PC app. Maybe it is reporting you are accessing the forum from the laptop?


When I go to the Play Store it says “installed” (the Wyze app). I scroll and it shows me a list of places that it’s installed. All of which are my cellphone.
Now that you’ve made the comment: “There is no PC app” that clears the whole thing up. You’d think that maybe, just maybe this would be indicated somewhere? Anywhere? And why on earth is there no PC app? I can’t see very well (actually am going blind) so to prolong my ability to have a use for this app and my multiple WYZE cameras, a laptop view is the only way. Unless there’s an app for a smart tv (I know, I know, might as well as believe in Santa Claus)

There are ways to get the app to work on a PC you might be interested in this thread
I use BlueStacks

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Maybe he is using a Chromebook?

wont work on a chromebook either. I have a Pixelbook and it wont install.


you have other options for use, you can use a Fire Tablet or an iPad as the app works on those.

Another option is to use TinyCam to view all of your Camera’s as well.

There is no Windows app for Wyze. If you can afford it, save yourself a lot of trouble and get a different camera with Windows support, or else use a big Android tablet or iPad to run the Wyze app.

Browser support is finally planned after years of requests but don’t count on it.


Welcome to the Wyze community @brokenbirdsorg!
If you’re on a Chromebook, the app will show as downloaded in the Play Store if it’s downloaded on another device(phone or tablet), but it’s currently not compatible with Chromebooks as @spamoni4 mentioned.


Actually, “she” isn’t a total computer, uhh, ‘novice’ - and that’s why ( I ) mentioned that it’s a Lenovo Idea Pad Flex. Admittedly it’s been a while, but when I was probably your age I was writing code for the very first computers being used in the medical industry. I think the most frustrating and blood boiling part of wanting to do a simple, reasonable thing in having access to WYZE on a laptop is so darn difficult. No customer service - no email options - absolutely nothing except a forum.
By the way HDRock - I do have BlueStacks. Thank you for mentioning it - off I go!
And really, thank you (both/all) for even caring enough to try

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It could be you are mistaken about my age, don’t know , we might be the same age :grin:
I don’t like small screens either, I don’t think my eyesight is as bad as yours but bifocals are necessary.
I have been using BlueStacks for a long time it works with all the different brands of cameras I have


I have Lupus and it’s consuming me. TRI focals and yet spots so blurred that nothing sharpens them anymore. Thanks for you patience with me. I arrived here out of my mind and blood pressure off the charts after hours of trying to either get the app on the laptop OR reach a human being in customer svc… I have come to find forums just plain tiring. Lots of people responding with what amounts to, “Uh, I have no idea” (then WHY are you responding?). So I not only surrendered and posted here with preconceived notions, but I was in one heck of a bad mood with WYZE’s lack of customer service.
You helped a LOT! Clear explanation, a potential work around in BlueStacks and quite personable in your communication skills.
If that counts for nothing here, then at least let it count for something on a personal level.
And if you ever want a job, strictly online, where you’re paid for your expertise and can answer as much as you’d like or as little – please use my info to reach out privately [mod note: personal info removed]

Thanks again

You’re welcome I’m glad I was of some help to you.
Sorry to hear about your health issues, I have some of my own.
Be well my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


for future reference, the best way to get a humanoid for Wyze is definitely calling. their number can be a bit difficult to find. so here it is.

Wyze Support by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

hope that will help in some way if needed again.


Not sure if you intended it or not but that e-mail address is now publicly viewable. Good luck with the Bluestacks approach.