Is there a Wyze App available for Win10 desktop/laptop?

Is there a Wyze app I can download to use to monitor my Cams on my desktop/laptop using Windows 10?

Hi @tastudio, welcome to the Wyze community! Currently, you can only view your camera from the Wyze mobile app. Check out View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook) wishlist topic and keep an eye on it for updates!


they did say during their most recent AMA that they are looking into it. as per the Wishlist, it is currently marked as #researching.



Try bluestacks then download the wyze app

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Are there any plans to release a Windows 10 app? Would be very helpful for many users.

Again, please see

Adding a windows 10 app for viewing the Wyze cams without having to do the RTSP firmware changes would be amazing. Seems odd that I can view them on my Fire TV using Alexa but can’t see my cameras on my PC. Looking forward to hearing an update on the progress of this necessity. (take a break from creating all the stuff that we have to pre order and wait months for and work on needed tech like this please).

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Don’t Forget us Mac Users!! I would love to see a WYZE app for my powerbook!