Can I manage the Wyze cam from a computer or only from a tablet/phone app?

I wonder if I can manage from something else than mobile devices… is it possible ?

At this time, phone only. Tons of requests for PC integration.


I recently bought a Fire HD 10 tablet when it was on sale mainly for using it for tinycam pro webserver to display cameras on my PC monitor. Tried using old cell phones but battery drains fast.

I installed BlueStacks android emulator on my Windows 10 pc and run the Wyze Cam app through BlueStacks on my pc. I can get a pretty good picture on my 32" pc monitor this way.

Thanks a lot!!, just installed it and it is working great.

Install both wyze and tinycam pro.

Do you know how to transfer files between PC directories and BlueStacks directories ?

I googled a bit but the information is not working for me, cannot find the directory in the posting.

I want to transfer the tinycam pro cameras file to the emulator. Otherwise I have to add camera one by one again.

However, Viewing 4 cameras @ the same time using the emulator make my old notebook CPU 70+% busy. Viewing one camera is ok.

I downloaded and ran Bluestacks on my PC and two minutes after signing in through my Google account I got a notification that my account had been accessed from a device I don’t have. Not a coincidence. Have a look for info on “Gmail hacked form Bluestacks” - there’s lots there. Too bad I found out after the fact.

I didn’t have this issue when I installed and used Bluestacks. I have 2-way authentication for all my email accounts and use google authenticator app for my gmail accounts.

I think the gmail access notification will give time, location, device name etc … Did you see access was from a place different from your location ? The Bluestacks app might be taken by google as a different device.

Anyway I have just uninstalled Bluestacks just in case and I am not using it since it makes my notebook’s CPU very busy.

Currently I am using Fire TV and tinycam pro webcasting to show 4 cameras at a time on my PC.

Hope Wyze will release a PC app soon :slight_smile: !!