Wyze cam for PC

is there a way to access wyze cam app from my windows 10 laptop, just to watch my cams on pc? some sort of android crossover to PC app?

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Some people use BlueStacks, if you are using the Chrome browser you can also use ArcWelder. I know some people have achieved it

There are numerous solutions

but not within the Wyze app.
About the easiest for 1 camera at a time is RTSP and VLC. Took me about 3 minutes to download and boot from SD card then view the stream on my PC using VLC the last time. That was about third or fourth time I did it. It can be tricky timing and manipulating the cam.
This afternoon I recorded a 3 hour sunset sequence - took 1.13 GB
Search is your friend, lot’s of solutions, not all fit all people.

bluestacks does the job but it’s a resource hog

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HUGE, resource hog, that’s why I quit using it

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The thing about Bluestacks is that it’s a challenge to view more than 3 cams at same time. Sometimes I run 2 instances of Bluestack to see more cams but it’s not ideal.