Remotely Accessing video clips on SD card using PC?

Is there a way to use my PC (running Win/OSX/Linux) to remotely access the SD card in the wyze cam to look at and download the files WITHOUT using any Wyze web or phone apps?
Specifically, (for example) use Putty on Win/OSX/Linux connect to the cam using the IP address look at the video directory and download what ever is needed? or at least support a barebones ssh, telnet/ftp session.
Perhaps Wyze makes available whatever wrapper program they put around ssh, telnet etc.???
Removing the SD card to see the files is ridiculous…

Unfortunately, No.

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Thank you…well that really sucks. looks like its time to spend some meaningful time with wireshark (+ other tools), or look for a more open camera.

Did you have any luck with this?

Any luck yet ?
Possibly vlc. works with RTSP but thats with Beta firmware only ( It works but would like to keep standard firmware )

I started but didn’t get very far, due to a bump in workload at work. I was using bluestacks to host the wyze app and was looking at the ethernet traffic with wireshark. I got a little insight into the format of video, and a few commands to the cam, but no insight on how the cam sw accesses the SD card. Time to spend on this will be short in the coming month…