Starting to use a camera with sd card

Is there an app for laptop?. they only show for cel phone.

If I use sd, how do I connect to laptop to record using the sd card?. be tolerant of questions, be nice, new people do not know all this. thank you. the customer service does not reply.
after recording will I be able to watch the recording?.

You can watch cloud events and live stream if you have cam plus using, but there is not support for SD card yet. You need to use an app for that.

You can view the SD card recordings in the app, and if you remove the card you can view the recordings on the card from a computer.

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No, only for Mobile. However, users have been successful at using an Android Emulator program, like BlueStacks, on their PC to run the Wyze App within that emulator on a PC.

The SD Card, while it is mounted in the cam, can only be accessed to view the video on it by the Wyze App, either on a Mobile Phone or Tablet or thru an Emulator Program running the Wyze App as mentioned above. However, the SD Card can be read in a PC when removed from the cam although it isn’t a very user friendly experience for those without experience in finding the video files.

The Video recorded onto the SD Card can be viewed from the App while the card is in the cam 24\7 so long as the cam maintains WiFi access w\ Internet and your App is on a device that also has Internet.