Can I view V3 SD using phone app

Can I use the phone app to view video stored on the cam-v3 SD card? (I do not want to climb up and remove the SD card and stick it in my PC.) My internet well and truly sucks. Using the cloud is, therefore, not an option.


Sure. Use the Playback button under Live View, or the one on an Event on the Events tab.


@OzarkMountainMan, welcome to the community!

Newshound is right. You will be able to access the video you record onto the SD card from within the the Wyze app… Provided your internet IS operational.

I don’t know your LAN\WiFi setup there, But when my Fiber ISP internet goes out and I loose internet, I cannot connect to any cam for live view or SD playback. With my Phone on my Wifi network sitting right beside my Mesh Router or connected to the internet by LTE network I still cannot connect. My WiFi router and WiFi network is still up locally, just not hooked to the internet. I think it has something to do with the Wyze app being cloud based and dependent on internet access.

Not sure how this changes if you are on a LAN Ethernet or phone vs computer, but my guess is it’s not much different. I think Wyze needs internet access for it to work properly… Although there are probably some real techno wizards in the forums who have found a way around that.

So, if your internet is just slow, that’s one thing…

But, if it is sporadically connected and disconnected. I would say your going to have problems accessing the SD video when the internet is out.

Good Luck!

About my internet . . .

It is USUALLY up. But it is almost always very slow. (Hughesnet.) If satisfactory (no pauses or buffering) viewing content on the SD card is possible despite this, then I am good to go. If not, then I need to pass.

For example, currently my Wyze v2 cameras store the 12s videos in the cloud. I can access them. But it takes half a minute, maybe longer. I have a card in the base unit that my Outdoor Cam with Cam Plus talks to. I have never figured out how to get videos from it, or if it is even possible.

Does this information give you any more idea of my issue? Thanks!

:+1: Yup. So it will still be slow…just like before.

That said, in the app when you are viewing the 12s video stream direct from the cloud, let it play to the end. Then in the upper right, you can download just that 12s clip by pressing the icon. Alternatively, you can also jump straight over to the exact same time point in the SD card saved video by pressing the playback button. If you want to save that video, pressing record while the video you want to save is playing will save it to your device. See below.

Hope this helps!

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Just had another thought. I use CamV3, so I don’t know if the V2 UI is the same in the app, but… If the 12s cloud clip takes too long to access bc of slow internet, rather than getting to the SD from the cloud Event clip, you can go directly to the SD video straight from the cam live view when you open that cam from the home tab. It won’t take you to a specific time point on the SD card video like the 12 s clip will, it will take you to the end, but it might be a quicker route to the SD.

Yes, it did. Thank you.

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:+1::sunglasses: Awesome!

Glad it worked! Be safe and well!