Download Contents of SD Card

Is it possible to download the entire contents of my SD Card onto my PC? I can’t seen to find any instruction or directions on this subject. Thank you.


It’s possible. Just remove the microSD card from the Wyze Cam and insert in your PC using an appropriate adapter ( my laptop has a microSD slot, others have full size SD, or use a USB reader). The videos are stored in 1-minute clips.

There is no way to directly copy video files without removing the microSD card, but you can use the Wyze app to record a clip while you’re in Playback View.


Wyze is looking into the possibility of direct download from the SD card, but no news on when or if that might be added to the development stream.


Vote for this request.

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You need to hop over here and click the VOTE button at the top:


I need the ability to download the contents of my sd card onto my pc. Has there been any new developements since this post?

11/12/2021: I would like to be able to view the events that are recorded on the SD card in my V3 camera. Without having to go out to the camera and removing the SD card, bringing it in and putting it in my computer to view them. I would think that the events should be available to view on the App just like the cloud saved ones are. Why have an SD card in the camera if you can’t get to it to view the content? Makes no sense.

Open the V3 from the home page on the app and tap playback at the bottom. If you are doing event recording you need to find the areas in green, if continuous just find the time that matches the event videos.

Thank You Sir. I’ll give that a try.

O.K. I just went out and walked in front of the camera. It recorded a video on Cam+. I looked for a video on the playback (Green Bar) but there was none there. I should be recording events. I can view live.
In “playback” when I touch “Albums” I get a message that there are no videos and also no photos in the album.

There was no event shown for a selected time on the scale.

In “Detection settings” Motion detection is on 50%; Sound is at 5%
In “Event Recording” "Detects Motion is selected. Detects sound is not selected.

In “Advanced Settings” record to microsd card is selected. Events only is white. Continuous is grey.

Manage Microsd Card shows 8.3 G/124.9G. It seems to be recording things to the Microsd card because the 8.3G is increasing.

Forget about the Album, that is WYZE videos downloaded and stored on your phone/ device. Go to the events page, play an event video from the camera, tap the playback icon on the bottom of the page and see if it works. See picture.

Just @Antonius said, forget about the album link when you’re trying to view playback. Another way to get the playback is from the live view screen, click the playback link at the bottom. That’ll bring up your playback viewer, remember do not click the album link, now wait for the timeline to populate with your saved local storage footage. Now you can pinch in or pinch out or drag the timeline to find the time or events that is saved to the card in the camera. The timeline will populate fully like mine when you have it set to continuous recording, or there might be sporadic colors on the timeline and if you have it set to events only for local storage.

In your camera menu the event recording and detection menus are for cloud storage, you have to go into the advanced settings menu and see your SD card settings there, that’s where you can select continuous recording only to local storage.

In your post you talk about the cloud storage and local storage together, but know that each of those functions are separate and independent of each other. Each have their own set of settings which affect how they record footage. Your cam plus videos are your cloud storage only available in your event tab and these are the videos that trigger notifications, and all the local storage videos are viewable in the playback feature off the live view.

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I understand this. I just referenced the “Album” just because I knew it would be empty.

I have a video on cam+ at 0949 - 1001. I know it is there because I can view it. I’m looking on the timeline for the sd card at the same time but it doesn’t show an event for that whole 2 hour time frame.

Set the local storage to continuous for troubleshooting. It takes a moment for the timeline to populate when I check it, to view that are you going to live view then playback? Or clicking the playback link from the camplus event?

Today, I had 4 different events recorded on Cam+. When I go to the SDcard there are no video at the selected time. I can see the Cam+ videos but there is nothing on any of the times that the Cam+ videos were recorded.

I am out of ideas. I have one V3 on Cam Plus and it records to the SD and is viewable on playback from live view and also by using the SD icon on the events page. All events show the correct time. I am using a Samsung Pro Endurance 64 GB SD card and an iPhone SE 2020 and a 4th gen iPad.

thank me later… continues record, select camera, while on, scroll through timeline of all video or times your looking for and when you see something you would like to save pause play back open your phones screen record and resume wyze play back… then I take said videos and send to Google drive… once I’ve reviewed all video on SD card at format and start over cuz all it takes is someone to find the camera with the SD card and take it out and now you have nothing…

No need to do this or go that far. Just hit the record button on the cameras menu. It’ll looks different depending on the different camera types but should be there somewhere.

This record function saves a clip to your device. When watching live or playback, click the record to start, watch whatever you want to record real time then click off when done. This then saves that clip to your device.

but it won’t record say something that happen 2hrs ago???

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sir/ma’am you need a mf raise… I was unaware is would record to my device!!!:muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3::man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3::blue_heart:

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