Direct access to SD card with download ability

Please add this, Samba access to the files on the SD Card.
Having this, then I can do a backup script to pull from the camera periodically to my NAS.

I would love to be able to copy the SD Card contents off of my camera and over to my NAS every night - then if I need to go back in time by a week or 2, I would have that capability. I imagine the limitation might be in the read/write capabilities while doing a copy over to another device…but would it be possible to start generating a new file upon a new day starting?



I 2nd that feature. That would be nice to have.


That would be an awesome feature! I vote YEA!


Add my vote also, please. Physically accessing the SD card in some of my cameras is inconvenient.


I agree, I have cameras mounted where accessing the card is difficult. And, of course, every time you take a card out, you have to re-point the camera. Only being able to save video from the card in real time is problematic for longer segments. I will tell you that faster-than-real-time playback of SD card video is coming. Hopefully this will also allow recording to the album during this fast playback with the result being regular speed video.


Add me to the list that would love access to the ability to share files from SD


Having NAS support added might negate the need and the complexity in setting up stuff to copy the data off. (But more options are always good)

If the camera could backup videos to a NAS (NFS or CIFS) volume, either as a nightly process or whatever it would allow those that want it, to be able to store as much history as they want on a netword storage device or a computer with a network share allowing a lot more options making the 32gb sd card limit a bit less of a concern to some.


As an additional option to backing up to my own NAS/Storage, having the option automatically or manually backup days of recorded video to other cloud services would he nice too, i have many TBs of cloud storage between Google Drive, OneDrive, etc, would be a good way yo use some of it.

Seems like good options to handle the issue without new or more costly hardware, if it can all be done via software.

I know i would likely use it.


Great idea…add me too!

That would be a useful tool. Add me!

I would love this feature as well. Please add my vote!

Something like DropBear SSH would be very easy to implement. Samba type shares require all kinds of superfluous nonsense to setup.


Samba access to my NAS or Google Cloud would be wonderful! I can’t access the cams when I am at work, because of Corporate’s security. This puts an awful strain on doing it when I get home. Maybe I could setup a script to poll.


Yep. I hate having to go take cards out of the camera and put them back in all the time. Very annoying. :wink:


Wow, just “discovered” that I can’t even download any of the SD card videos to my phone!
Was thinking fine, can’t easily grab things to my computer, but probably can do it on the phone, nope.
You could “record” (who came up with this feature?!? just let us download!) videos on the timeline.
Timelapse videos are stuck in the SD card, no way to download it at all except to pull the card.
Come on Wyze, give us something, unless you’re purposely locking it down for some reason…


I would also love this feature. I have two camera mounted in housings that make it very inconvenient to access the SD card. Not to mention the height of the cameras. My third camera is convenient enough to get to, but I really hate taking it down, pulling the card, copying the data, replacing the card, and re-positioning the camera again.


You are partially correct… timeline video can only be recorded or transferred by removing the card from the camera. That is the topic of this #roadmap post, so please VOTE for it (button at the top of the page).

Time lapse video can, though, be downloaded. However, you have to be on the same local wifi network. Once your phone is on the same local wifi as the camera, you should be able to download the time lapse to your phone. See the Time Lapse section here:

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Oh boy, you are correct about the timelapse, sorry about that.
BUT! Why isn’t the video in the Wyze folder?
It’s located in “HL/API/timelapse”.
I was looking int he Wyze folder and only found the 12sec clips downloaded from the cloud.


Sounds like you’re on Android. I’m on iPhone, so I have no idea.