A couple of wishes

I own several cameras with the latest firmware and beta app…and I like the person/motion detection but I’d like to remove the green box that appears when recording detection to the card. I understand the rectangular box is used for motion or person detection but I’d like the developers to look at detecting motion but without that green box.

Two, the ability to access the IP address on the camera that would allow us to view the contents of the MicroSD card & tinkering settings securely via web browser. Instead of constantly removing the card to copy videos, I’d like the browser option and leave the MicroSD card untouched in the card reader.

Lastly, a 4K version (or 3MP) of Wyzecam and in stealth black.

  1. From the live stream, tap the More button, the Motion Tagging to turn off the green boxes.

  2. Knowing the IP address would still not let you directly access the SD card because it is not exposed by the firmware. However, you can vote for this feature here:

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Thank you. The only reason I asked here is because support via email told me that the boxes could not be turned off with event detection. If they were turned off, I would lose motion detection and person detection. Hence my wish here.

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Turning off tagging will not adversely affect either Person Detection or Motion Detection. I have it turned off on most of my cameras and person and motion detection work just fine.


Thanks. I’ll try it out

Support may have been referring to the box used to set the detection zone. That is different and separate from the motion tagging boxes.

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