Please allow users to remove the green tracking boxes on Cam Pan V3

I just replaced my Eufy pan camera with the Wyze Cam Pan V3 after the Eufy camera stopped tracking like the gears wore out. However, the Eufy cam allowed me to turn off the green tracking boxes and it was wonderful. As of yet Wyze doesn’t allow me to do this. Personally, I find the green tracking boxes more of a novelty than of any real use. It would be great to be able to remove them and just see the normal video. They’re kinda annoying and distracting. Please provide that option in an update. Thanks Wyze.


You can disable these in the cams settings > detection settings. It’s called motion tagging.


Wyze app Home > your Cam Pan v3 > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Detection Settings > Motion tagging (toggle off)


Already answered twice, but I agree, the Motion Tagging is about the first thing I turn off on a new camera. It’s cute for the first 30 seconds on your first Wyze camera. After that it’s just annoying.
About the only use for it is if you are getting motion events that you can’t figure out what is the trigger, turn on tagging to figure that out, then turn tagging back off.


Thank you everyone! I was assuming this would actually do away with motion tracking. I now see they’re two different functions.