Wyze Cam Pan v3 won't track

Cam Pan V3 will not track. Detection zone on, firmware updated, motion tagging on, preview waypoints works. But it will not follow anything and I have never seen it pan to way points by itself.

I’m going to be very picky on terminology here. You said you have “motion tagging on”, but nothing about “track motion”. Motion tagging is enabled on settings > Detection Settings > Motion tagging. Motion tagging is the stupid green box that shows around motion. One of the first things I disable on a new camera. Track motion is one of the toolbar icons below the camera image. You have to scroll left (to show more icons on the right) to see see the Track motion option. When enabled, the icon above the words will become green and the camera will track motion.


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OK so now I feel silly, looked all over and never thought to slide the menu over for more options.

Problem solved, thank you.


Don’t forget to tap the Pan Scan icon if you want your cam to auto pan to your Waypoints.

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