Camera won't track motion

just set up new pan cam 3. How do I set it up to track motion? I have all the motion detection turned on, but the camera sits fixed in one position as I walk through the space. I thought it was supposed to follow a moving subject through a space?

From the live view screen, swipe the icons/options bar (SD Card, Take Photo, etc.) to the left to view additional icons. Tap the “Track Motion” icon.


Thanks!! Got it working.

There really should be a chevron on the right indicating there are more items…but that is feedback for the coders at Wyze HQ.


Great to hear you got it working! :+1: I also agree that it’s not intuitive that additional options are available without some on-screen indicator. I think the devs forgot it as the user interface for other cam types include some type of “More” icon.