Pan Cam V3 not panning, or tracking movement

I just installed and configured my first Pan Cam V3 and it’s awesome! Having trouble with a couple of thing though. It’s not panning between waypoints, and nor is it tracking and following motion like the promo suggested it would. When I set up the custom waypoints it works in preview mode, but after saving, it just sits on whatever the current waypoint is and doesn’t scan the others. Also, I have cam plus on it and it detects “person” just fine, but if I walk around in front of it I was expecting it to follow the motion. I have other Wyze Cams including V2 & V3, as well as floodlights with V3 cams - all work as advertised. It could be a user error or configuration issue but I have dug into every menu looking for options.

On the live view page you can scroll the menu bar (sd card, siren, album, etc) horizontally and enable motion tracking and pan scan


Great! Seems like user error. Might be worth making it clear that menu scrolls sideways because I didn’t think to do that.

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Yea there has been some confusion on this. Glad you figured it out!

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