Motion tracking green box missing

The green box that tracks motion on 1 of my Wyze cams is missing. I get the notification that the camera has detected motion however there’s no box. Firmware is up to date. Any suggestions? Thx

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Hi @lovemyjeep. “Up to date” can be subjective, so please post the version of the firmware on the camera involved, and the app version. :slight_smile:

Did it get turned off? On the main screen with the live view of the camera, click “More” and make sure that “Motion Tagging” is highlighted.


Ahhh! Thank you SO much. It’s been driving me crazy for days. That was the only thing I didn’t do. I never go into that tab. Not sure how it happened. If I could buy you a beer I would. Cheers!


Sometimes it’s the obvious things. Haha. But if you haven’t explored the app a ton, you might not realize the option is there at all. :slight_smile: And to be fair, I knew the option was there, and I still had to fumble around for 3-4 minutes before I found it. Haha. I thought it was in the settings tab.