Disable green boxes without disabling tracking?

I have the Cam Pan v3 and a Pixel 8 Pro

I found the setting for toggling the Wyze logo and time stamp when recording videos. Is there a similar option for the green boxes that appear when motion tracking is enabled? I want to use motion tracking and see the green boxes in the live feed but I don’t want the green boxes on the recorded video files. I would also be okay if with disabling the green boxes entirely with tracking still enabled. I don’t think this is possible but just thought I would ask in case there is a setting I am overlooking.

Wecome @LiquidFlames

The Green Box is known as Motion Tagging, you can disable that by starting the live stream, tapping on the Gear at the top right, Then Tap on Detection Settings and toggle off Motion Tagging. Here is an image:


One of the first things I do with every Wyze camera is to disable that stupid green box…

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I like the stupid green box since it shows me what activated the event. Luckily we can turn it off or on.

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Don’t hate the green box, hate the person that creates it.


I don’t think you read my post, unless I’m misunderstanding your reply. I know what motion tracking is and I know how to toggle it. Points for being the only reply that was trying to help, though.

He did read your post and marked the toggle for Motion TAGGING - which is the stupid green box.
Motion tracking and Motion tagging are two completely separate functions.


I apologize. You’re right. I misunderstood your reply. That makes sense. Thank you.

I apologize, sincerely. As mentioned in my reply, I misunderstood his answer.

I turn off the green boxes on all of my v3 cameras. Occasionally, I get some pixel change that triggers an Event recording. I will say I am never curious enough to turn the green boxes back on.