Downloading Videos without green motion detection boxes

How can I download and view videos from my CAM3 without the green motion detection boxes being a part of the video? very distracting.

Turn of tracking

From the home tab, select the camera, on the right side select more (3 dots), then deselect motion tagging.

Now future videos won’t have the green boxes. Unfortunately all prior videos will still have the green boxes since they were initially recorded with them active.


One of the first things I turn off on every camera. I find the motion tagging very annoying.

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It can be useful for troubleshooting if you can’t determine what’s triggering recording.


True, but for normal operation, it’s far more annoying than useful.

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Yup. It took me awhile to remember how it was done (I had only done it once before and then forgot) haha. Now none of my cams have that feature on.

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Hmm, I’ve always known they could be disabled but never really considered doing it. Always found it helpful. On the other hand it does obscure detail. Something I will consider changing; thanks for the reminder.

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Consider you got this great shot of some wildlife. Good enough that you want to print it and hang on your wall - except for that stupid green box around the animal…

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I hear ya. Although for me it would have to be one truly remarkable squirrel specimen to be an issue. :slight_smile: