Video recording

Hi Wyze guys…new owner here and I have two issues that I need some help with.

First, is there a way to get rid of the red “recognition” boxes that surround a moving object in video?

Also, I put a micro SD Card in my outdoor camera, but it is only recording jpg images and not video.

Thanks for the help

Are you color blind? My motion tagging boxes are green. If you want to turn it off open the cam on the app, to live view, on the bottom right of the page you will see three lines that says more, open that. Then you can go to motion tagging and tap that to turn it off. If you have the new correct firmware that was updated yesterday you can now schedule motion event recordings to the outdoor cam local SD card. If you do not make a schedule the cam sends the videos to the SD card in the base if you have one installed .

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Thank you…lol…yes, the box is green. I was not looking at the camera.