Wyzecams record still photos to SD card but not video

Wyzecams record still photos to SD card but not video, why?

Where are you looking in the app that you are only seeing still photos? Can you describe how you are getting there?


Replying primarily to see what the result it.
Almost guarantee this is a user error. Never has worked that way.

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The SD recording on the Wyze Cam Outdoor is different than plugged in to power cameras, but doesn’t record only still photos. Are you looking in your event tab? Those are your cloud events. Do you have a cloud service on the camera? Going to need alot more info here to help troubleshoot.

I used to be able to detect/record motion videos on my outdoor cams SD cards. Now I only get motion detected stills. I can manually record stills & video to my sd card. Maybe I’ll try deleting/reinstalling device to see if that helps.

Using the scheduled recording function? This saves videos to the WCO album which are then downloaded to be viewed.

Are you sure we are still talking about SD card recording? The event tab in the app is not where your card recordings are viewed, those are all the cloud related events.

This process saves videos and pictures to your phone or tablet (whatever you use the app on). This is a third way to record. The other two ways is SD card local storage, and the third is to the cloud. All three are seperate and independent of another.

Can you please post a screenshots of what you’re seeing? Fresh eyes on it might be able to see something a miss.

No need to delete and reinstall. Almost guarantee you are looking at cloud based events rather than uSD card recordings.
Please answer the questions asked about how you are seeing the still images.

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I typically see12 sec motion recorded video in the Wyze app under Events. I click playback to see video recorded onto sd card. I can manually record video/stills that saves to app album and my phone album

You need cam plus lite to get 12 second videos (Cloud saved events) as of a year or so ago. Do you have CP Lite?

So you have the camera assigned to cam plus lite? This is your cloud events area. Is this where you are seeing the snapshots?